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It was mid 2009, when Alberto “Tito” de las Casas (DLC Racing) and Jose Ochoa (M&J Sunshine), met to discuss the development and fabrication of a new Race Car, to be sponsored exclusively by M&J Sunshine to promote all the Companies’ products.

It did not take too long for both to reach an agreement, and started immediately to look for a suitable race car, not only to have good reliability, but to have good looks to the spectators and clients eyes.


While looking, we came accross a Tubular Chassis, with a Mazda RX-7, 3rd generation body; then the fabrication started. DLC Racing had many spare parts from previous RX-7’s, which helped very much in the fabrication of this new prototype, unique worldwide, due to many adaptations of different vehicles.

By the end of 2009, the Race Car was basically ready, and Jose Ochoa decided that the 1st Promotion/Sponsorhip would be the High Perfomance additives, “Motion Plus”


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After reviewing several engines’ options, including rotary engines, the final decision was to install a FORD Mustang 2.3 Liters, 4 cylinder (stock), which will give us durability during 2010, in order to test the race car and also participate in events at Homestead-Miami Speedway, under a Miami Racing Club, “FARA”.

During 2010, we noticed that the race car, even tough, it was not as fast as others in Class at that moment, the potential in the car was its turning and braking power. Therefore, DLC Racing at the end of 2010 decided to continue developing the car, but with emphasis in the engine.

DLC Racing, with the help of Tico Almeida, a professional race car driver in IMSA during the 80’s, also the FARA President, expert in FORD Engines, started the preparation of a new high compression engine.

The Racing Club “FARA” ( has 2 main Championships each year (Sprint & Enduro). DLC Racing/M&J Sunshine Team decided to run only the Enduro Championship, and take advantage of the Sprint Races to set up the car for the main event on Sunday, the endurance races.

During 2011, a few changes were made to the car body. M&J Sunshine was developing its own Lubricants Brand, “MECHA TOOL” since 2006, and the next step was to change the aperience of the car, giving emphasis to the Mecha Tool Brand. Therefore, the body of the car had a complete makeover, and we race with the new image during 2011

Our Mecha Tool Race Car raced with its new look, all through 2011, and finished 3rd in Class in the Enduro Championship.

The Drivers:

Peru is a land that produces great race car drivers, one of the names most known in Peru for decades, is the De Las Casas Family Alberto “Tito” de las Casas at the beginning of 1994, started his racing carreer in Florida,  founder of the “Perú Racing Team”, in order to compete in the National Club “SCCA”.

The De Las Casas family has in their blood the pasión of Auto Racing. Alberto “Tito” de las Casas was raised within the racing community in Peru, during the 60’s and 70’s, being at many races, where his cousin’s grandfather participated, the well known Lizardo “Liebre” de las Casas. Also, his father, J.Alberto de las Casas, driver for the “Escuderia Alfa Romeo” during the 60’s It is important to mention, Julio Cesar and Luis Felipe De Las Casas, winners of many events in Peru, such as “Caminos del Inca”, the “6 Hrs of Peru”, etc; always driving the British Ford Escort.


After many years of participating in SCCA, Alberto “Tito” de las Casas, decided in January 2007, to start participating at a higher level in Auto Racing in Florida. Reason why he got involved with a new Racing Club “FARA” (, which offered him more advantages and exposition to the public interested in Road Racing in Florida.

“Tito” is now one of the FARA Directors, and is directly involved in the organization of all FARA Events that take place in “Homestead-Miami Speedway” Jose de las Casas, Tito’s son, is 4th Generation Race Car Driver within the De Las Casas Family. Jose started racing Go Karts in Florida at age 15, and showed potential and ability in many races, specially in wet conditions. It was then, when his father decided, he had the conditions to become a race car driver.

After leaving Karting Racing, Jose went and obtained his SCCA License, passing his schools with the highest grades, and participated in circuits such as Homestead Miami Speedway,, Moroso, Sebring and Daytona.

At the moment, Jose shares the driving with his father in the Mazda RX7, at all events at FARA.


Racing Resume Alberto “Tito” de las Casas (USA):


Racing  1994 – 2006 (SCCA)

Schools in  Moroso & Sebring – 1994

Racing since 1994 until 2006 in Moroso, Sebring, Daytona & Homestead Miami Speedway – Regional & Enduro Races

2007 – 2012 (FARA)

Since 2007 up to date:   Homestead Miami Speedway – Enduro & Sprints Races







Racing Resume Jose de las Casas (USA):


Karting Racing 1994 – 1998 (FLORIDA KARTING)

Racing from 1999 until 2006 (SCCA) in Moroso, Sebring, Daytona & Homestead Miami Speedway – Regional & Enduro Races

From 2007 and up to date (FARA):   Homestead Miami Speedway – Enduro & Sprints Races

Since 2009, Professional Instructor for ERME (Equipe Rapide Motorsports)





FARA USA was established in the State of Florida, and it is an entity that has proven to be very important in the Auto Racing Industry in South Florida, at a National & International levels in the past 6 years.

FARA is a group of individuals, race car drivers that organize racing events, and capture elite drivers, the best in South Florida; and also drivers from Europe, Central/South America, Caribbean Islands, etc. We also have many professional race car drivers from Grand Am and Le Mans that participate with us in our events.

FARA racing season includes 6 races during the year, starting in December, and ending in October. FARA has several classes, depending on engine size, such as MP-1, MP-2, MP-3 and MP-4.